Hamilton Rotte, AP
Acupuncture Physician

Hamilton is a clinician, educator and author. He graduated from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco in 2001. He is NCCAOM certified in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. Hamilton studied in Hangzhou, China and completed post-graduate work in Chendgdu, China, specializing in Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Diabetes.

Hamilton is a faculty member at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, where he was also the clinic director. He has studied Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis since 1998 and is certified to teach Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis by Leon Hammer, MD.

In 2012 he published a book with his mentor, Leon Hammer, MD titled Chinese Herbal Medicine, The Formulas of Dr. John H. F. Shen. In his spare time Hamilton enjoys playing music, gardening and cooking.